A Guide to Training Back: For Both Thickness & Width

Training Back can be difficult for some of us because it's hard to develop a good mind-muscle connection.

Most have difficulty because we can't see our back when we train it.

So that means we have to train it focusing on a different sense, that sense being feeling.

To me, there's no better feeling than a solid back pump.

I'm going to break down the form of a few of my favorite back exercises so you too, can experience a solid back pump.

Let's start with form when trying to target inner back thickness.

We all know that to target back we need to focus on exercises with an emphasis on pulling.

But it goes beyond just being able to pull the weight.

I'm going to start with explaining my form during duel standing dumbbell rows.

Duel Standing Dumbbell Rows:

Starting from the ground up, you can see my feet are just inside shoulder width apart.

Knees at around a 45 degree angle.