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Dumbbell - Bent Over Row

This one here is a classic! Depending the set up, the dumbbell row can target and incorporate every muscle in your back.

The variation we'll be showing today will be primarily targeting your mid back, or thoracic muscle group. This will include your lats, rhomboids, lower trapezius, and teres. Secondary muscle groups include the biceps and posterior deltoids.


  • Feet positioned as shown, ensure you're in a stance that offers the most stability.

  • Using an inclined bench or dumbbell rack, bend into a 30-45 degree angle.

  • In starting position, allow your scapula (shoulder blade) to protract, allowing for full extension.

  • When rowing, pull through the elbows. Think up and away!

  • Retract your scapula at the top for the most optimal contraction.

  • Repeat until failure of form and/or strength.

Note: Your biggest focus during any row exercise should be the protraction and retraction of the scapula. This will help immensely with mind muscle connection as well as overall contraction at the top of the row!

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