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Dumbbells - Incline Chest Fly

Looking to help grow or target the "upper shelf" of your chest? Don't sleep on this exercise! This dumbbell chest fly variation does a great job at targeting the clavicular head of the pectoral major, otherwise known as your upper chest.

Before flying into the video, I wanted to touch up on why my elbows remain bent throughout the fly motion. This allows me to use a heavier load, keeping the load stacked above the elbow. In doing so it also protects and takes pressure off my elbow joints.

It's a common misconception that we must keep our arms straight during fly exercises. In the human anatomy, your pectoral muscles connect to the top of your humerus bone, which stops at the elbow. We'll cover more on the form below the video!


  • Set up your bench to a 30-45 degree angle.

  • Feet planted in a stable position.

  • Core tight, with a slight arch in the lower back.

  • Starting with the dumbbells directly above you, arms straight, neutral grip.

  • Slow and controlled, dip your elbows and slightly pronate your grip.

  • Make sure to keep the load stacked above your elbows.

  • After reaching your full extension, press to the sky, back to starting position.

  • On your way back up, think about trying to touch your inner elbows together, not the dumbbells as that will take tension off your chest.

  • Repeat until failure of form and/or strength.

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