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The only coaching service you'll ever need.

  • App-Based Coaching

  • Customized Workout Plan​ (Workout Log)

  • Customized Diet Plan (Nutrition Log)

  • Customized Supplement Plan

  • Exercise Library 

  • Shopping List

  • The Vault Access (Exclusive Content)

  • 24/7 Coaching Messenger

  • Daily Habits Checklist

  • Weekly Check-in's

  • Monthly Transformation Comparison's

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9 months - Up 30lbs.
9 months - Up 20lbs.
5 Months - Down 54lbs.
3 Months - down 20lbs.
5 Months - Up 18lbs.
8 Months - down 27lbs.


I'm your coach, Dylan Kosek

I started Flight Physiques in 2020 with one vision in mind, to help as many people as possible, assisting them on their path to pursuing their full potential. Now with the Flight Physiques App in place, the vision has never been more clear.

I'm a hybrid athlete, who trains with relentless intensity. I have 8+ years of bodybuilding under my belt, as well as 3+ years of coaching at 26 years old. I also enjoy lifting heavy and jumping out the building, and am confident in teaching all the above.

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