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Smith Machine - Incline Bench Press

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

For some reason, the Smith Machine receives a lot of hate compared to other equipment in the gym, but for those who understand it's purpose, know the benefits that come along with it.

Using the Smith Machine for Incline Bench Press allows for complete isolation of the clavicular head (Upper) of your pectoral muscles (Chest). Meaning great contractions that lead to crazy chest pumps.

Before showing the video demonstration, I'd also like to add, I really enjoy using the Smith Machine for this exercise because it allows me to push to failure without a spotter unlike if I were doing Incline Bench Press with a Barbell!

Video Demonstration:


  • Set bench at an incline of roughly 45 degrees.

  • Lay back onto the bench with your shoulder blades squeezed together, this increases your chests range of motion.

  • Find a hand placement that allows for a 90 degree bend through your elbows in full extension (closest to chest).

  • Drive the bar up through your palms.

  • Repeat until failure of form or strength.

Relating Exercise:

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