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Dumbbells - Incline Hex Press

This exercise will bring up your clavicular head (upper) of your pectoral major.

If your goal is to bring up your inner/upper chest, this exercise should be a priority in your workout routine.

This exercise can be completed with a barbell in a landmine set up or dumbbells like shown below.

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet planted to help stability.

  • When laying back onto the incline bench, squeeze shoulder blades together to increase your chest's range of motion.

  • Bring the dumbbells up and squeeze them together parallel.

  • Bring them down to your lower chest and focus on driving the dumbbells above your head.

  • Repeat until failure of strength or form.


Make sure to focus on squeezing the dumbbells together throughout the whole exercise to increase the burn through your inner chest. Another name for this exercise is "Squeeze" Press, and for a good reason.

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