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Machine - Hack Squat (Quad Focused)

The Hack Squat is notorious for it's ability to target your quads, leaving you with one of the best quad pumps known to mankind!

Although the Hack Squat can be used to target your posterior leg muscle groups (Glutes & Hamstrings), this blog will be focused on targeting the quads.

When looking to prioritize quad activation, think knees over toes. This will help lengthen the quads when deep into extension. The form will be explained below the video!


  1. Feet Placement: Inside shoulder width, toes slightly pointed out, midway up the platform.

  2. Un-rack weight, keeping your back and bum against the back pad.

  3. Keeping the core tight, squat to your deepest ability without allowing your bum/hips rotate out from under you.

  4. Drive through both your heels and ball of your feet back to starting position.

  5. Keep it slow and controlled on the way down, and explosive on the way up.

  6. Repeat until failure of form and/or strength.

Note: using machines are great for testing your limits and pushing until failure - or close to. The results you're looking for are just on the outside of your comfort zone!

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