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Dumbbells - RDL's

Looking to bring up your hamstrings and glutes? Make RDL's a center piece in your routine!

Not to mention a sick pump, this exercise is all about feeling the stretch.

Video Demonstration:


  • (Having your toes elevated is optional - it helps keep constant tension on hamstrings and glutes.)

  • Starting from the ground up, keep feet inside shoulder width apart.

  • Starting from a standing position, with the dumbbells to your sides.

  • Begin by kicking your hips out behind you, while allowing the dumbbells to dip toward your feet.

  • Then bring your hips back into starting position, flexing your hamstrings and glutes.

  • The goal should be to keep your core tight, keeping shoulder blades tight, chest out, and head up throughout the exercise.

  • Repeat until failure of form or strength.


Toward the end of the set demonstrated above, I start doing shorter range of motion to burn out. This will keep extra tension on your hamstrings and glutes and is a great way to add an explanation point to your workout!

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