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Cables - Wide Grip Lat. Pulldown

The Wide Grip Lat. Pulldown is great for targeting you latissimus dorsi.

With the primary mover being the latissimus dorsi, secondary movers include the biceps, rear deltoid, and rhomboids.

Video Demonstration:


  • Make sure you're secured to the seat and don't have any room to bounce.

  • Allow your arms to be completely extended before pulling down.

  • Pull through your elbows, squeezing your shoulder blades at the bottom of each rep.

  • When pulling down, make sure your elbows stay flared, and align slightly behind your back. (This activates more of your rhomboids)

  • Repeat until failure of form or strength.


Let your arms and back completely relax to enable full extension before the pulldown motion of the exercise, this will provide more range of motion, recruiting more muscle fibers when firing into flexion.

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