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Cables - Lat. Pullover (EZ - Bar Attachment)

Trying to see if you have any gas left in the tank after a great back workout?

The Cables - Lat. Pullover primarily targets your latissimus dorsi, specifically under the armpits.

This exercise is primarily used to grow a wider looking back!

Video Demonstration:


  • From the ground up, keep feet plated inside shoulder width apart, slight bend in the knees, while bending at the waist at about a 45 degree angle with the ground.

  • Reach full extension with a slight bend at the elbows.

  • When pulling towards you waist, notice how bend through my elbows increases. Just like any pulling exercise for back, keep the pulling through your elbows.

  • Notice how when in deepest flexion (EZ-Bar closest to waist), I'm squeezing my shoulder blades like any other back exercise.

  • Repeat until failure in form or strength.


Find the attachment that best activates the outer latissimus dorsi for you, for me, its anything more close/narrow gripped. For example, close grip on the EZ-Bar Attachment like presented above or close grip using the rope attachment.

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