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Cables - Face Pull (EZ Bar) (For Isolating the Posterior Deltoid)

This face pull variation is great for targeting the posterior (rear) deltoid. I see a lot of people in the gym daily that fail to isolate the rear deltoid during this exercise due to insufficient form and using too heavy of a weight selection, which in doing so takes the rear deltoid out of the exercise, turning your upper back muscles into the primary movers!

Pay close attention to how I become set before doing my first rep:

1. Kneeling position, core activated.

2. Chest out, bringing shoulder blades back. (Isolating Posterior Deltoid)

3. Pull through your elbows, at an angle that the cable is always aligned through the posterior deltoid.

4. Squeeze posterior deltoid at deepest flexion.

5. Back to starting position.

Bringing your chest out and shoulder blades back makes this whole exercise, don't forget it the next time you train your posterior deltoid's!

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