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Barbell - Landmine RDL

A great switch up from your traditional barbell or dumbbell RDL, the landmine RDL brings the heat when it comes to targeting your glutes and hamstrings.

Lately I've preferred this variation over traditional RDL's because I feel equal hamstring and glute activation in each leg, instead of my dominate leg doing more of the work with traditional RDL's.

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet pointed forward, slight bend through the knee.

  • Kick your hips out behind you, keeping your core tight, chest out, and arms straight, allow the weight to guide you toward the floor.

  • Dip until you feel a good stretch through your glutes and hamstrings, don't allow the weight to touch the floor.

  • Then back pull it back up by bringing your hips forward, back to starting position.

  • Repeat until failure of form or strength.

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