Barbell Rows: 3 Variations to Build a Bigger & Stronger Back

This back exercise is notorious for it's crazy pump and ability to create a bigger and stronger back.

There are multiple variations to this exercise, yet all predominantly target your upper back, with primary movers being your trapezius, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi.

This exercise also requires the recruitment of your core, lower back, and your arms when properly performed.

Making for one of the top compound exercises to target back.

Let's fly into a few of my favorite variations of this exercise and talk about form.

Starting with the most common, the 45 degree pronated grip variation.

Now that you've seen how the exercise is supposed to look, let's break it down into pictures.

Starting from the beginning, first align your feet at approximately shoulder width apart under the bar.

Next, align your grip pronated (palms down) at just outside shoulder width apart. This allows you a greater range of motion when pulling through your elbows.

For any compound exercise, I usually perform it without shoes because it makes me feel more grounded except for this demonstration. A good pair of flat soled lifting shoes will also do the trick.