6 Weight Training Techniques Designed To Obliterate Plateau's

Are you experiencing a plateau with your results? Or maybe you’re bored with your current routine and looking to shake things up a bit. Well, I put together a list of 6 training techniques that’ll have you improving your mind-muscle connection and destroying plateaus with crazy pumps with both high and low intensity variations. Let's get to it!

Super Sets: A super set can consist of either two antagonist exercises, or two synergist exercises performed back to back without any rest between sets. Example of two antagonist exercises I enjoy linking together are hammer curls and tricep extensions using the rope variation on the cable machine. Below is an example of an antagonist super set for biceps and triceps.

E1: Cable Hammer Curls | E2: Cable Tricep Extension

Giant Sets: Giant sets, are very similar to super sets, just adding in an additional exercise. A giant set is successfully completed when executing 3 exercises in a row with no rest in-between. After all 3 exercises are completed, that equals 1 set. Like supersets, you can either link synergistic OR antagonist exercises. Giant sets will improve your muscular endurance and strength. Below is an example of completing a synergistic giant set for triceps.

E1: Flat Bench Skull Crushers | E2: Narrow Grip Bench Press | E3: Narrow Push Ups

Drop Sets: Drop sets, also known as strip sets or descending sets, are a great way to put an exclamation point to the end of your workout! If you think you have anything left in the tank on your last progressive set, drop to 60-70% of your last set weight and complete another set without any rest. Drop sets increase hypertrophy and bring extra nutrients in your blood stream to the targeted muscle, making for a crazy pump. You can apply drop sets to any exercise. I find it easiest to do drop sets on machines!

Shoulder Press (Neutral Grip)

Static Holds: Static holds, whether used during flexion or extension exercises, is a game changer when trying to improve mind-muscle connection and endurance. Also, the perfect exercise variant if you’re looking to improve time under tension. Below is an example of how I apply static holds during my arm day, alternating the static hold, counting down reps in the order of 5 to 1!

Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Static Hold Variant)

Negatives: Negatives are most commonly used to improve strength, focusing on the eccentric movement of the exercise. This training technique is all about time under tension and can be applied to almost every weight training exercise. I suggest applying 2-5 second negatives to any muscle group you’re looking to strengthen. Simply slow down the descending motion of the exercise. Example below for your next leg day!