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Smith Machine - Standing Calf Raises (Elevated Toes)

By far my favorite exercise for hitting calves. Calves are generally harder for most of us to strengthen and grow because of the extra attention they demand since we are constantly on our feet throughout the day.

That's where the Smith Machine comes into play, it allows you to apply progressive overload and is safe, allowing you to push to failure on those critical heavier sets that demand growth!

Video Demonstration:


  • Adjust the bar to the equivalent height you'd use for a barbell squat.

  • Find a platform/box that you can elevate your toes with, starting with your calves completely extended.

  • Feet roughly inside shoulder width apart.

  • Slight bend through the knees, core tight.

  • Raise your heels off the ground, as deep into flexion as possible, hold for 1-3 seconds to improve time under tension, which activates more muscle fibers.

  • Repeat until failure of strength or form.

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