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Plate - Front Lateral Raise

A great exercise for targeting the anterior (front) head of your deltoid, with a secondary muscle mover being the clavicular head of your pectoral muscles (upper chest)!

Also an exercise that recruits a lot of core activation, being you need to constantly keep your core tight while raising the weight.

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet placement around shoulder width apart.

  • Core tight throughout exercise.

  • Shoulders rolled back, chest up.

  • Hold the plate equally on each side, roughly towards the middle.

  • Allow a slight bend through your elbows when raising the weight. On the way up, imagine a string pulling through your elbows.

  • Raise the plate past face level.

  • Repeat repetitions until failure of form or strength.

Pro Tip:

Look to add drop sets to this exercise for a wicked finish after your last working set!

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