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My Transformation

My physiques transformation began after one of the darker periods in my life. It took me 4 years to realize alcohol wasn’t resolving the trauma from the past nor helping me heal from prior injuries that took me away from sports and the gym. When I finally moved away from home and physically healed enough to be able to train, I put together my very first workout routine. I trained 7 days a week. Training legs, chest, and back twice a week, with arms to finish the week off.

When I entered the gym, it’s like I flipped a switch. It was me against me, at the time I blamed myself for the trauma I endured growing up in a domestically violent home. Which helped me train in the gym with a chip on my shoulder. From the age 19 to 21 I experienced the most physical growth, going from 175lbs to as high as 215lbs. But training 7 days a week started to catch up with me. I wasn’t allowing my body the proper amount of time to heal, which led to injuries from over-training.

Dealing with golfer’s elbow in both arms and inflammation in both of my knees from squatting and dead lifting twice a week, I still went to the gym and did what I could. I quickly realized I needed to change up my routine. I started to experiment with 3, 4, 5, and 6 day workout splits. The one that stuck after recovering from my minor setbacks was the 5 day split. It allowed me to stay consistent and gave my trained muscle groups the most time to recover and grow stronger.

The same year I turned 21, came a day my father finally apologized for everything he had put my family through. Since that day, it felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I finally had enough closure to move on from the traumas of my past. It allowed me to train more cautiously, being aware of what my body was telling me. Which enhanced my training and brought my drive and focus to a whole new level, allowing me to pour my heart and soul into fitness.

From the ages 21 to 23(present), my bodies composition has changed drastically. Going in and out of competition preps has allowed my body to continue to burn fat it’s never tapped into before. Which long term has allowed me to continue to replace fat with lean muscle mass. As of my last bulk, before cutting for my competition, I weighed 207lbs. I was able to reach an all time low weight of 176lbs. Dropping over 30lbs. of fat, while maintaining most if not all my muscle mass over a 16 week time span. I have now started my reverse diet and have taken flight into another bulking season, with the goal of reaching a lean 215lbs. before starting my next competition prep.

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