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GHD - Back Extension Row (Curl Bar)

WARNING: These Back Extension Row's will have your whole back sore in ways you've never experienced.

I recently added these for a burnout to finish off my back day, and will be incorporating them in my routine because of the wicked pump this exercise brings.

The back extension portion of the exercise primarily targets the lower portion of the latissimus dorsi (lats). While the rowing motion primarily targets the upper portion of your back, including your rhomboids, upper and lower trapezius, and latissimus dorsi. Can't forget secondary movers being the posterior deltoids and biceps.

Overall, you can see why this exercise can be a staple in your back routine, as it leaves no stone left unturned.

Form: Full Extension

  • Adjust the GHD so the padded area rests at your hips.

  • Keep legs straight with a slight bend through the knees.

  • My back is straight and in complete extension, arms dangling straight to the floor.

Form: Full Flexion

  • Imagine you're doing an abdominal crunch with your back.

  • Squeeze your back at the top of flexion, holding for 1-3 seconds, this improves time under tension (TUT).

  • Just like any rowing motion, pull through your elbows, bringing the curl bar roughly below your sternum.

**Repeat repetitions until failure of form and/or strength**

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