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Dumbbells - Seated French Press

This exercise is crucial if you're looking to strengthen and grow your triceps!

The French Press can be performed standing, but I prefer the stability of being seated because of the way it isolates your triceps.

If you're looking to grow bigger arms, it all starts with your triceps, being they make up 2/3 of the muscle mass on your arm. The bicep owning the remaining 1/3.

Below is a demonstration of how to properly perform the Dumbbells - Seated French Press


  1. Starting from the ground up, I like to keep my legs outside of shoulder width with feet planted to help with stability.

  2. Keep core engaged throughout the exercise.

  3. With arms held straight above your head, allow the weight to pull your triceps into extension behind your head.

  4. Keeping elbows stationary, press the dumbbell above your head by firing your triceps into flexion.

  5. Repeat until failure in strength or form.


Focus on keeping your shoulder joint to elbow locked in place throughout the exercise.


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