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Dumbbells - Incline Bench Bicep Curls

If you're looking for one of the greatest bicep pumps this universe has to offer, here it is.

The Incline Bench Bicep Curls is infamous for it's ability to isolate the biceps.

Because it requires you to reach full extension, it recruits both the long and short head throughout flexion. (Primary mover being the long head at full extension, and short head when in deeper flexion.)

Below is a video tutorial on how this exercise should look when properly performed:

Step 1: Select a weight where you can achieve 8-12 reps before failure.

Step 2: Set the bench to an incline of roughly 45-70 degrees.

Step 3: Lay back on the bench with arms straight, dangling.

Step 4: Start with grip neutral at flexion, before curling into supinated form (Palms Up).

Step 5: Keep tempo slow and controlled, and curl until failure.

Step 6: Take 1-2 minutes of rest between sets, then go again!

Pro Tip: Make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together before laying back on the incline, this will help take any momentum created by your anterior (front) deltoid out of the exercise and further isolate the biceps.

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