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Curl Bar - Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions

Did you know that triceps make up more than 2/3's of your arms musculature (the other 1/3 being your biceps)? Meaning, in order to make your arms appear larger physically, you should put your primary focus into growing your triceps!

This overhead variation of a tricep extension is an all time favorite of mine for a couple reasons. No other tricep exercise offers a fuller range of motion and more muscle fiber recruitment, meaning when performed properly, it offers the perfect storm for maximum muscle hypertrophy! Below is a demonstration of how the exercise should be performed:

Now let's cover a few tips on form:

  1. From the ground up, after seated, keep feet in a planted position for stability.

  2. Raise curl bar overhead, with hands in close grip position.

  3. Keeping your core tight and elbows stationary, lower the curl bar behind your head.

  4. Remember the goal is to reach your triceps deepest extension point.

  5. After a slight pause, keeping your elbows stationary, raise the curl bar back overhead.

  6. Repeat until failure of form or strength.

If you watched until the end of this set, you notice I went to failure of strength. Using progressive overload (adding weight) each set, and training until (or close to) failure, is the perfect recipe for growing bigger triceps!

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