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Cables - Wide Grip Lat. Pulldown (Behind the head variation)

This variation of Wide Grip Lat. Pulldowns is stellar for upper back activation.

With the primary mover still your latissimus dorsi, it puts more emphasis on secondary movers, which includes your rhomboids, posterior deltoids (rear), and lower trapezius.

Video Demonstration:


  • Secure yourself tight to the seat, not allowing any bounce.

  • Hand placement wide, equally outside of the curve on the bar.

  • Focus on pulling down through your elbows, keeping them parallel on the way down slightly behind your back.

  • In deep flexion (when bar is closest to neck), really focus on squeezing your shoulder blades for full contraction.

  • Make sure you reach pull extension, with arms and back relaxed at the top for a full stretch.

  • Repeat the reps until failure of form or strength.


Stay in the medium-medium/heavy weight range. The goal should always be quality repetitions over weight. Push yourself till failure like demonstrated in the video.

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