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Cables - Seated Row (Narrow Grip)

The old saying goes, "You've got to row to grow!"

Cables - Seated Row (Narrow Grip) is a great exercise for strengthening and growing your back, primary mover being your latissimus dorsi.

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet planted for stability with slight bend in the knees.

  • When rowing, focus on pulling through your elbows.

  • The momentum of the exercise should only be from your waist up, keeping your back under constant tension.

  • The slight rock is from allowing my latissimus dorsi to become fully extended, then squeezing my shoulder blades in full flexion.

  • Row until failure in strength or form.


Before starting my first rep, notice how I lean straight back before coming up into rowing position. This helps engage both my lower back and core for better stability throughout the exercise!

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