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Cables - Low Chest Fly Variation

The low variation of chest fly's is great for targeting your upper chest, or clavicular head of your pectoral major. This will help give your upper chest the "shelf" look!

This exercise is a great addition to add to your workout after incline bench press, further activating and exhausting the clavicular head of your pectoral major.

Video Demonstration:


  • With this back support I'm using in the video, it allows me to plant my feet in front of me around shoulder width apart.

  • Keeping your shoulder blades pinched behind you will increase range of motion through your chest.

  • Like any chest fly motion keep a slight bend through your elbows, you can see after the fly motion I extend my arms at the top of the squeeze to increase muscle activation.

  • Make sure to fly up and towards the center of your body, I like to think about bringing my hands up toward my nose.

  • Repeat until failure of form or strength.

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