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Cables - High Chest Fly (Supported)

The high chest fly using the cables is one of the most rewarding chest pumps to experience in the gym!

The Cables - High Chest Fly (Supported) does a great job at targeting mid-lower chest (pectoral major). With back support adding additional isolation to your chest, taking any momentum out of the exercise!

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet planted close together, slightly out in front of you.

  • Slight bend through the knees.

  • Shoulder blades squeezed, pressed against the back support.

  • With a slight bend through the elbows, fly downward at roughly a 45 degree angle from your torso, squeezing chest contraction in full flexion.

  • Repeat flying motion until failure of form or strength.


Use a weight selection you can comfortably get 8-15 reps before failure!

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