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Cables - Drag Curls (Supported)

One of the best isolation exercises for building bigger biceps!

Drag Curls can be performed with free weight or cables like shown in this demonstration. Personally, I prefer using the cable variation because it forces constant tension on the biceps!

Drag curls are under utilized by most because "bad form" is sometimes associated with unconventional exercises. They're unconventional because instead of keeping your elbows aligned or slightly in front of your body with each curling motion, your elbows are stretched behind your body which forces you to curl up to your arm pits.

But if you understand anatomy and physiology, you also understand by allowing your arms to stretch behind you, will thus increase the range of motion (ROM) through your bicep. Ultimately creating a more intense pump and creating more micro tears for future growth.

Video Demonstration:


  • Feet planted in front of you, inside shoulder width apart.

  • Slight bend through the knees, core tight, with shoulder blades pressed against the back support.

  • Your elbows should align behind your back, almost parallel with the pulley.

  • Unlike conventional curls where you curl in front of your body, curl up toward your armpits.

  • Curl until failure of form and/or strength.

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