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Cables - Bicep Curls/Tricep Extensions Super Set (Rope)

Switch up the tempo and force your arms to grow with this arms super set.

Combining both of these iconic arm exercises in a super set brings about a crazy pump, as it demands more blood to the targeted muscles meaning more nutrients for recovery.

Video demonstration:


Cables - Bicep Curls (Rope) Form:

  • Feet planted shoulder width apart.

  • Slightly lean back, keeping core tight.

  • Shoulder blades squeezed together, chest out.

  • Curl rope up to chest level while maintaining form.

  • Keep shoulder joint through the elbow stationary.


Leaning slightly back offers further extension and range of motion with the biceps when curling during this exercise.


Cables - Tricep Extensions (Rope) Form:

  • Feet planted shoulder width apart.

  • Slight bend in the knees, and slightly bent forward from the waist up.

  • Keep shoulder joint through the elbow stationary.

  • Elbows in front of you, pointed to the floor.

  • Extend rope away and to the floor while maintaining form.


When reaching full extension, act as if you're pouring out a glass, twisting your wrists in to better target the short head (outside) of the tricep.


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