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Benefits of Nutrition Timing

If you’re looking to make the most out of your workout and learn how to speed up your recovery process, this blog is worth the read. A question I have been getting frequently is “What’s so important about nutrition timing?” Nutrition as most of us know, plays a huge role in our body’s overall performance throughout the day, especially around the time you start and finish your workout.

The difference of knowing and not knowing what food groups to consume, and when to eat them before you train, is ultimately the difference between a high quality workout and low quality workout. Imagine you’re going on a long road trip. You don’t just take off out of your driveway without checking the gas gage, right? When you consume the right foods at the right time before training, you ensure you have the greatest amount of energy to last you throughout your workout.

One of the most disputed subjects in today’s fitness world is something called the “Anabolic Window”, which is the 30 minutes after your workout where allegedly your body is more absorbent to macro-nutrients which help aid in recovery. The argument is that it doesn’t matter as long as you consume your meals at some point after training. My take on it, is why not get your muscles the nutrients they need to recover as fast as possible? Since I started my fitness journey, a protein shake 15-30 minutes after training has played a huge role in my recovery over the years.

So, say goodbye to low quality workouts and poor recovery. When you join Flight Physiques and purchase the Economy Plus or First Class plan, meals and nutrition timing are customized specifically to you. Ensuring you the best performance during your workout and setting you up on the fastest road to recovery!

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