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Barbell - Rack Pulls

Looking to shock your back into growing thicker? Meet the deadlifts back dominant brother, rack pulls.

Barbell - Rack Pulls, summed up in a few words, is the isolated back pulling portion of a deadlift.

In a squat rack, adjust the safety bars so when the bar rests on them that it runs below your knee caps, this gives you the perfect depth to take all the pulling out of your legs and puts the primary focus on your back!

Video Demonstration:


  • Align your feet at shoulder width apart.

  • Align your grip just outside of shoulder width apart.

  • Come set by activating your core and straightening your back with arms straight.

  • While maintaining a tight core, pull to standing position.

  • Lock out while standing by rolling your shoulders back by squeezing your shoulder blades.

  • Then bring the bar back to starting position and repeat until failure of form or strength.

  • Reset for each rep like demonstrated to take all momentum out of the exercise.


I suggest wearing flat soled shoes or performing this exercise barefoot to have a stronger, more grounded drive through your heels!

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