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Barbell - Conventional Deadlift

The deadlift is notoriously known for its full body pump that demands every ounce of energy in your body to execute.

The conventional deadlift primarily targets your leg and back muscle groups. The bottom portion of the exercise (barbell below knees) targets your legs, while the top portion of the exercise (barbell above the knees) targets your back. As secondary muscle groups include core and forearms.

Video Demonstration:


  • Starting from the bottom, feet should be aligned at shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out.

  • Before pulling, you want to ensure your knees are bent as if you're squatting, with your hips out.

  • When pulling, make sure your core is tight. This will create a straight line from your lower back through your chest, it's important to maintain this form throughout the exercise to avoid injury to your upper back.

  • When locking out at the top, slightly roll your shoulders back, squeezing your back muscles.

  • Control the weight to the ground and come to a complete halt before attempting your next rep. NO BOUNCING.

  • Form over weight always. Repeat repetitions until failure of form or strength.

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