A Guide To Training Legs: Growth & Strength

Legs are the largest skeletal muscle group on the human body.

Meaning naturally, we can build them larger and stronger than any other muscle group.

That being said, legs hold and produce the largest amount of testosterone.

I don't understand why so many people neglect training legs.

The larger and stronger your legs are, increases the growing potential of your other muscle groups.

In other words, more testosterone equals more growing potential.

So let's get into a few exercises, starting with the leg exercise that increases testosterone the most, the barbell back squat.

Barbell Back Squat:

By far the most rewarding leg exercise for overall muscle growth and strength.

This compound exercise activates every muscle group of your leg, with primary movers being your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

Everyone's "perfect form" when squatting is slightly different because everyone's muscle insertions in their legs are different.

But here are some tips everyone can follow to help find your "perfect form."

The process of un-racking the weight should be short and sweet.

Start by aligning your hands equally on each side of the bar.

Find the center of the bar to rest on the trapezius muscles of your back.