A Guide to Training Core: Strength

I need to clear up a common misconception a lot of people have when starting their fitness journey.

Training abs isn't going to give you abs.

Abs are only visible when you've achieved the optimal body fat percentage, which is different for everybody.

Achieving your optimal body fat percentage to see your abs starts with being in a calorie deficit, burning and reducing the fat layer covering your abdomen.

Note, it's impossible to target one specific area of body fat.

When in a calorie deficit, your body burns fat accumulatively from every area of your body.

So now that you understand abs are only made visible in the kitchen, let's get into ways to make your abs more defiant and stronger.

I'll start out by saying it really doesn't matter which muscle group you're training, your core is engaged one way or another.

In the picture above, I can full heartedly say I never trained abs once during my 16 weeks of competition prep with Nutritioneering.

Proving all it takes is reaching that optimal body fat percentage to get abs.

I have recently included the addition of a core day as an "active rest day" over the weekends and have found the following exercises most effective and time efficient.

Elbow Planks:

The greatest static hold exercise of them all, keeping your core engaged the whole duration of the exercise.