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5 Tips You Must Know Before Starting Your Fitness Journey

1.) Have A Goal Specific Workout Routine!

Too often I run into people who have totally different fitness goals and body types, following the same free program they found online and wondering why they aren’t seeing results. Just like nutrition, which I’ll be getting into next, your workout routine must be designed to your body type and experience level!

2.) Have A Goal Specific Nutrition Regime!

Your nutrition regime, whether it be tailored for muscle growth or weight loss, must be designed specifically to your goal and body type. No matter how hard you train, without the right nutrition regime, your results will be little to none. When asked the question of which is more important, the right workout routine or nutrition? They’re equally as important, but nutrition is the bigger piece to the puzzle.

3.) Water, Water, Water!

I can’t put a bigger emphasis on this, DRINK YOUR DAMN WATER! Water plays a huge role in your overall daily performance. Not to mention your body is made up of roughly 60% of it. Water plays a huge role in your skeletal muscle’s function. Without the proper water intake, you might not be getting the proper nutrients to the muscle, meaning you’ll experience a lack in performance. Hydrated muscles = happy muscles.

4.) Get enough sleep!

When you’re asleep, that’s when your body is at work repairing itself. I heal and perform the best when I get at least 8-9 hours of sleep while in a muscle gaining faze (Calorie Surplus). But while I’m in a cutting faze (Calorie Deficit), my body only allows me 6-7 hours of sleep. So, make sure you’re catching the appropriate amount of Zzzz’s!

5.) Limit your consumption of alcohol!

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but I don’t recommend drinking alcohol more than 1 day a week in a muscle gaining faze. Alcohol is detrimental to whatever your fitness goal is and ruins protein synthesis in your body. There’s a reason I didn’t include this at number 2 because there’s nothing nutritious about alcohol at all. If your goal is to burn fat, I suggest consuming alcohol at a once a month frequency. When you consume alcohol, your body puts the other macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) on the back burner. This allows your body to store them instead of using/burning them as energy. To sum it up, if you're serious about reaching your fitness goals, stay away from alcohol or limit it to a minimal!


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