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My Love & Passion for Fitness

My love and passion for fitness, was the result of hardship and pain. Fitness was introduced to me early in my life by my father. Around the age of 12 he would bring me to the fitness center just to watch, and very soon after, he began to teach me. My father distilled in me my competitive nature and drive to be the best at everything I did from as early on as I remember, demanding the most effort from me in the gym and every sport I participated in. But it is time for me to take the mask off the public image my family put on up until my parents divorced when I was 15.

Ultimately, the man I gave effort to look up to, was also a man I feared. My mom, siblings, and I are survivors of domestic violence. I grew up knowing what was going on was wrong, comforting and protecting my family to the best of my ability. As my parents separated, being the oldest child, it made me the man of the house, forcing me to grow up fast. This left my family and I traumatized, and we deal with it to this day.

Throughout my high school years, the presence of alcohol consumed me. I entered high school as a 3-sport athlete, participating in Football, Wrestling, and Baseball. My competitive nature and slight experience in the weight room put me on another level. My aggressiveness on the field and mat led to multiple sports injuries; 8 broken bones and a torn right shoulder labrum to be exact, taking me away from the only outlet I used to deal with the trauma from my past. I started spending my weekends drinking to numb the pain, which stuck with me till my early college years. The only sport I managed to participate in came my senior year football season. Where I made a comeback from my labrum surgery 2 months early than doctors recommended. Playing in a shoulder brace as running back, I managed assisting the team to a 7-4 record, scoring 13 touchdowns and rushing for 1058 yards in 7 games.

Entering college, drinking alcohol started to pick up. It was no longer a weekend thing; it began to be 4 to 5 days a week. It got to a point where I became allergic to alcohol, that when it hit my tongue it would swell. I’m a believer that you must lose yourself to find yourself. At the same time alcohol was trying to fight to stay in my life, fitness in the form of bodybuilding was becoming more transparent to be the smartest outlet to deal with the trauma and burdens I’ve been carrying from my past. At 19 years old, I quit drinking alcohol after realizing it was enhancing the demons of my past.


I started removing myself from the college party scene by going to the gym. Some nights I would head to the gym around 10-11PM for 2-3 hours to take myself out of the negative environment and away from the temptation. I taught myself discipline and started to love myself. The gym turned me into a man of God. I lost myself in finding myself, learned my purpose, and pursued it relentlessly. From the age of 19 to 23 (present), I went from 175lbs to 207lbs. Adding an additional 30+lbs. of lean mass to my physique.

I have been eager to showcase my physique on stage competing in the NPC, but the timing and current circumstances have not lined up. With two shows being cancelled back to back, I have not touched the stage since April of 2018. I continue to persevere and stay grounded, preparing for when the opportunity presents itself. I can tell you now, you will not want to miss it.

I can happily say that my relationship with my father has immensely improved. Even with everything I had been through, I can say I love my father and am happy he has taken the necessary steps to improve himself as a man. For that, I am grateful and proud to be able to call him dad. Without him, I would have never found my passion and love for fitness.

I created Flight Physiques to help people tap into their full potential. What sets Flight Physiques apart from the competition is every routine is goal specific to the client. Today's fitness world is saturated with the thought of "one way works for all." Flight Physiques is here to break the trend. After 1 consultation with me, I personally take the time to customize your full fitness routine and have it sent to your inbox in under 48 hours. After receiving the fitness routine, I will check-in with you weekly to assure your results and to help hold you accountable. The first step to everyone's fitness journey is always the hardest, and I am here to help you make that first step and take flight towards your new physique! Contact me below for your free consultation!

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